Heleen Schröder’s artistic practice centres on personal drawings and translating them into public forms. By virtue of its informal intimacy and spontaneous directness, the sketchbook is her ideal medium. To draw and make notes are for her ways of looking at and understanding the world – and she aims to retain this immediacy in work made for exhibition. The search for a means to translate the private expression of the sketchbook page into public forms remains an engaging artistic challenge. She exhibits regularly in the Netherlands and South Africa, with work ranging from pencil or ink drawings, watercolours, acrylics, and various graphic media to artist’s books and, most recently, ceramic tablets. Heleen studied in two separate fields, graphic design and philosophy, and worked in both. In 2002 she moved to the Netherlands, where she has since worked as an artist. She has taught drawing and illustration in Pretoria and currently works as an artists’ assistant, freelance graphic designer and copy editor in Rotterdam.

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